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                            Rollers Characters
                            • Wide Applications

                              Dual and tri-sealing which combine different bearing housing and shell material, there’re total 15 series rollers suitable for various working conditions and requirements.

                            • Longer life

                              The roller working life 50000h is designed according to various sealing system for different applications to ensuring the working life as the same as the design life.

                            • Less radial run-out

                              Special machining technology ensure our roller radial run-out is higher than the National Standard, it’s suitable for high-speed belt conveyor condition.

                            • Less rotating resistant

                              Less rotating resistant: labyrinth length accuracy calculation, advanced manufacturing technology and automatic line, which improve the roller with less rotating resistant(higher than the National Standard), it's suitable for long distance belt conveyors.

                            SERIES OF ROLLERS
                            • Normal roller for belt conveyor
                              Normal Roller
                            • impact roller for impact cradle belt conveyor
                              Impact Roller
                            • Disk roller for belt conveyor
                              Disk Roller
                            • Spiral Roller for belt conveyor
                              Spiral Roller
                            • Heavy Duty Roller for belt conveyor
                              Heavy Duty Roller
                            • TOPHL Heavy Duty High Speed Roller
                              TOPHL Heavy Duty High Speed Roller
                            • TOPPT Corrosion Resistant Roller
                              TOPPT Corrosion Resistant Roller
                            • TOPRG Regreaseable Roller
                              TOPRG Regreaseable Roller
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                            Produce & Package
                            • Samples of belt conveyor rollers
                              Samples of Rollers
                            • showroom of bulk material conveying roller
                              Showroom of Rollers
                            • Automatic  welding makes good and stabilized quality!
                              Roller's Automatic Welding
                            • Electrostatic Painting makes roller's quality more good!
                              Electrostatic Painting
                            • belt conveyor roller&Idler package for transfer
                              Roller Package
                            • Belt Conveyor Roller&Idler Support package
                              Roller Support
                            • Belt Conveyor Roller&Idler Support After Painting
                              Roller Support After Painting
                            • Belt conveyor Roller&Idler Workshop
                              Roller WOrkingshop